Coaching by Text
Coaching by Text

Why Coaching  by Text?




How can you hear your own Infinite Wisdom with so much chatter?










What's trending?

Who's following?

How many likes?




Not ANOTHER e-mail!!!




Coaching By Text is all about you!






daily text support, unique to you, to help you cut through distractions and focus on your priorities.

Each text is a
micro-meditation, specifically written for you, that acts as a system reboot:
pause, breathe, connect.. move forward refreshed, refocused, and confident!



Coaching by Text

is private and completely confidential.



Who's texting you?

Margarita Danielian, CPC

I started using text because I prefer to carry a low-tech cell phone. Being able to text from any location and the privacy of texts as compared to exposure on social media sites are important to me.


Coaching by Text is rooted in a practice exercise from my coach certification training.


A classmate was struggling with a confidence issue, and I offered to support them daily by text to help them remember their true essence.


The idea is to have the reminder act as a sort of re-set mechanism to halt negative thought patterns and guide the mind in a positive direction.


I began offering this service to others who were struggling with their personal issues and, soon, a Coaching by Text practice was born!


The daily texts are the result of a meditation during which I tune in to each individual. The unique message is often not what I expected to write and, based on feedback, exactly what the client needs to receive!


Messages are texted daily at random times and the client is free to focus on them and respond at their convenience.


 Why respond? While the response can be brief, a simple OK is fine, it is an essential part of the pause-focus-breathe intention of daily text support.


Pausing for a moment, daily, to receive and acknowledge a supportive message is probably one of the most self-nurturing things you can do!


Be present for it!


Is Coaching by Text right for you?


Text me and find out!


What are people texting back?

Janet R.

Lifestyle Coach


It's pretty amazing how these texts inspire, confirm or trigger me when I need it most.


Lynda L.



A daily affirmation integrates my thoughts with my mind and heart.


Lisa D.

Reiki Master

Yoga & Pilates Instructor

New York:'s as if she sends me exactly what I need to hear for that day.


Millie P.


N. Carolina:

I love each short message that is personally driven to my spirit.


Nadia A.

Therapist, Coach and  Mom of 2 Baby Girls!


What I really like about coaching by text is the opportunity to text back any fears woes.  It makes you accessible.


Petra D.

Professional Organizer

New York:

Connecting with text makes me know I am not alone, that it's a message I need to hear.


Rod L.

Executive Coach


Every time I get [a text] I think "Wow, she just wrote this for me." I can keep the texts in a continual thread on my phone so I can reference them with ease.


Sharon L.

Author, Professional Coach and Trainer

New Hampshire:

You remind me of things I might forget to tell myself that are vital for thriving.


Sheryl F.

Fitness Coach


The texts help me focus on what's important.


Is coaching by text right for you? Try it and find out!

Text FREE TRIAL to 917-721-5145

for a 20-minute phone consultation + 10 days of text support, I will text you back to set up a mutually convenient appointment.



Don't live in the U.S.?

Not a problem!



E-mail me at





No strings.

No obligations. Completely confidential.



Oh, and I spell out all my words!




I look forward to hearing from you!



All the best,

Margarita Danielian

Certified Professional Coach

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